Monday, October 20, 2014

Microblog Monday: Teeth

For a while I was a little nervous that Ladybug had not started teething. My rational brain said this was not a big deal because teething sucks. But as younger babies were moving on to second and third teeth I have to admit the irrational part was a little worried. As a teacher I would espouse that childhood was a marathon, not a sprint. Getting a tooth at six months versus 8 or 10 or even 12 doesn't mean your child is better or smarter. But as a new mommy I worried. Until yesterday when my normally good natured babe started her I'm-really-scared cry. Ugh. Teething sucks. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Microblog Mondays: My little foodie

My little girl is such a good eater. She will eat anything you put in front of her. She's had chicken curry and garlic naan, she's had lamb and pork from a Greek restaurant, she will eat any cheese our favorite Italian place has to offer. Truth be told, the girl eats more stuff than I do! She's certainly more adventurous than I was until I met my husband. Hopefully she will skip the only-eats-chicken-nuggets phase. ;)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eight Months

My dear Ladybug is now 8 months and people who meet her now don't recognize her from her newborn pictures. It's crazy how much she has grown.

Food: She is such a good eater! She gets food at breakfast and dinner. We give her as much food from our plates as we can. The things she has tried is kind of outstanding when you think about it: filet mignon, chicken curry, lamb, naan, tons of cheeses, olives, mushrooms, etc. The only thing she hasn't liked was this German jar of baby food that was just meat. She loves the ones with fish though. She eats a snack each day - the only one that is really difficult for her is the zwieback. She makes a huge mess and it is doubtful that much is getting into her mouth. The dogs eat a lot though!

Play: Now that our stuff is here Ladybug has so many toys to choose from - I didn't realize that she had so many! In the living room she loves playing with her Fisher Price walker/piano. She doesn't walk with it yet, so she sits in front of it and plays with the instruments. When I take her down to the our home gym in the basement she usually plays with foam blocks in her pack and play. We don't do a lot of playing yet up in her room but she has her books up there and some other bigger toys.

Sleep: I am so thankful that the transition back to the crib has gone so well (knock wood). I've been putting her down about 8 PM, which is later than I would like, but we are still settling back into our routine. She wakes up about 5:30 and I bring her into my bed for some milk - we usually wake up again around 9. So far she has been sleeping outside the crib for first nap around 11, but every afternoon she naps in her crib.

As for me: I am so off track now with my weight. As you might recall, I had not yet lost all my pregnancy weight and I put on some unknown amount during this two months of living in a hotel without a kitchen and gym access. To be honest I am a little scared to find out where I am at. My clothes are very snug though. I'm hoping now that we are settled into the house, eating at home and just generally more active will help. One of the first rooms we set up was the gym downstairs and even if I can only get 25 minutes on the bike it's better than nothing. Our regular stroller is still missing with our furniture, but oddly enough my jogging stroller is here and just pushing the thing for a walk feels like a workout! I haven't had a good run in a few months so I plan on taking it nice and slow. R got me a fitbit for my birthday and I have to say it motivates me to get in my steps for the day. :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Settling in

We moved into our new house last Wednesday - thankfully it is partially furnished so it wasn't a big deal that our furniture and stuff was set to arrive the following day. But of course, because no move can go smoothly not only is R's car unaccounted for, but not all of our stuff arrived. First of all, we were prepared for the car issue - there have been stories for months about the new contract in place to ship cars overseas and most people have had their cars turn up missing, damaged, or just be plain late. Or some combination thereof. At first we bought a car off the "Lemon Lot" on post here thinking that R could teach me how to drive manual. Uh. No. Driving in a foreign country, with the baby in the back is daunting enough - throwing in how to drive stick?! Too much for right now. So then we went back to the Lemon Lot to pick up an automatic - a BMW no less. It's obviously an older car, but to be honest I don't care. Especially with R gone now it's nice to know I have a way to get places if need be. We go to the post a couple times a week for playgroups and such, and while I could take the bus we would spend most of the day out that way and a car makes life so much easier. It's funny though how you can really get around without a car for the most part. We have four grocery stores within about 500 meters. We have a bakery behind our house if I want to get a coffee break and a couple of cute restaurants. We even have a store that only sells beverages - it's not just beer/wine, they have soda, juice, and water. It's nice.

Anyway, on to the craziness with our stuff. When the movers first arrived, they started bringing all sorts of stuff into our house that was not ours. Desk chair, lamps, fans - we didn't bring much of anything that plugged in because we didn't want to deal with converters and the like. I think everything we do have that plugs in we had in our suitcase already - laptops, phones, tablet. So R tries to tell them it wasn't our stuff. The problem was I guess the movers have been really bad about labeling crates. Not just our movers, but poor Agnes (something) whose stuff was supposed to go from CT to HI but somehow ended up at our house in Germany. Haha. So they took that stuff back, unpacked the stuff that was ours - but we are still missing a crate full of stuff. Most of it seems to be furniture, from what we can tell on the packing list. Again, our house is partially furnished, so it's not a big deal but still. Hopefully our stuff turns up soon. One of my friends told me that her missing stuff never turned up. :( Then we go through the process of getting reimbursed for missing/damaged items.

Never a dull moment here!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Microblog Monday: Where's Daddy?

In Ladybug's short life R has had quite a few trips and while each trip was hard it seems like it's harder each time. I'm only on day 2 of a 2 week trip and it's insane around my house. Some of it is that we're in a new place and trying to settle into a new routine. But the other piece is that as she gets older I feel like there's just a new difficulty. So yes, breastfeeding is easier now, but solid food is the new difficult. Napping issues get replaced by the challenges of a more mobile baby. Really hoping R will be home until her first birthday after this trip!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Microblog Monday: Socialization

I've been wondering lately about socialization and day care. I disrupt Ladybug's routine on Mondays to bring her to playgroup. Is it worthwhile to do so? It's hard to tell whether she would benefit more from playing alongside other babies or sticking to her normal routine. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thanks, birth control!

As I mentioned before, the decision to go on birth control following L's arrival was not a decision I made lightly. In fact, even after I asked for the prescription and filled it, it still took me a while to actually take it. There's a part of me that resists birth control because I think it messes with my weight. My doctors never believe me when I say this (when they suggest BC to control my PCOS). And maybe it's a coincidence that when I am on the pill my weight creeps up slightly. But at this point my desire to control my fertility (or lack thereof) is stronger than my desire to keep a few pounds off. Not that weight isn't an issue, since I hadn't lost all the baby weight before putting on the living-in-a-hotel weight. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm still on my first pack (but at the end) and my period is back. Yay for normal!

Now if only I could get the crazy PMS bloat under control! :)